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Magnificent artistic wood carvings!! from Sri Lanka.
Our products are hand carved (it is sculpted from the wood block) and painted by hand. Hollowed the inside. This catalog contain some of our popular items. Every Mask is a unique and original work of art. If you are looking for wearable mask feel free to contact us we will exclusively produce it for you.

AH-01 King MAHA SAMMATA and Queen -20"
These masks are belongs to "KOLAM" Mask category. MAHA SAMMATA, as the primeval monarch of the world , wears a colossal crown. You can find more info about mask on that page. 20" in height.Available on request.
US$ 610.00
AH-02 GARA Yaka Mask-10"
The Gara demon masks are used to represent the Gara demons in the Gara Yakuma assosiated with Tovil and in the final of the Devolmaduva and Gammaduva ceremonies. The ceremony ends with the Gara demons performing a ritual dance called the ves pama or gara pama. As well as people hang Gara mask on their new house/building to remove evil eye & mouth.
Size: 10" Hight, 15" Width
US$ 35.00

AH-03 Gurulu Raksha Mask 10"
Gurula is a mythical bird supposed to prey on cobras. There is no difficulty in identifying this mask because it has the facial features of a bird. Two side parts are removable.
Size 10" height,14" Width, weight 0.5 - 0. 7kg.
US$ 36.00
AH-04 Mahakolasanniya Mask-30" .
This mahakolasanniya demon is supposed to be the chief of 18 sanni demons.Attached to this main mask are two flanking pieces where each containing nine small sanni masks. Each sanni mask represents a sike. This mask is also called Medicine Mask which belief to recover various sickness. (separate sanni masks are also available in request)Available sizes: 30",18" and 10" in Hight.
10" - US$ 60.00
18" -US$ 175.00
30" - US$ 350.00
30" and 18" sizes are available on request.

AH-05 Penamaura Raksha-10" US$ 35.00
AH-06 Purnaka Raksha.-10" US$ 35.00

AH-07 Liyapath Raksha 10" US$ 35.00

AH-08 Gedi Maura Raksha 10" US$ 55.00